Excellent DLW Quality - Design Awards

During the past years DLW Flooring was able to win many famous design awards. This was recently possible for innovative products as well as for communication concepts and also for creative fair stands. The traditional company was in the starting blocks for many European design awards. The awards of the last years are a proof for the high competence in design and architecture at DLW:

Red Dot

2017, Fair stand BAU 2017, Ippolito Fleitz Group

2013, Fair stand BAU 2013, Ippolito Fleitz Group

2011, DLW LVT, Scala 100

2011, DLW Lino, Lino Form

2009, DLW Linoleum


2017, Fair stand BAU 2017, Ippolito Fleitz Group

2013, Fair stand BAU 2013, Ippolito Fleitz Group

Good Design

2010, DLW Linoleum



Good Design

2015, Fair stand BAU 2015, Ippolito Fleitz Group

2009, DLW Vinyl

2008, DLW LVT


2009, DLW Linoleum




2016, DLW Luxury Linoleum, Naturecore

Trade Fair Design Annual

DLW Flooring has made it onto the cover of the "Trade Fair Design Annual" with a total of three architecturally interesting trade fair stands.

This is a special award for the ambitious and imaginative stand design of project manager Sabine Burkhard-Dürr in collaboration with distinguished architectural practices.

Trade Fair Design Annual 2015/16

Fair stand BAU 2015, SOMAA. Architects

Trade Fair Design Annual 2013/14

Fair stand Bau 2013, Ippolito Fleitz Group



Trade Fair Design Annual 2006/07

Fair stand Domotex 2006, Schindlerarchitekten

Company / Marketing Awards

Due to its excellent connections with architects, a whole series of company and marketing awards have been bestowed upon DLW Flooring! Architect's Darling, the AIT Innovation Award and the APA Architects Partner Award.......

Architect's Darling

2016, Elastic Flooring in gold

2014, Elastic Flooring in gold

2012, Elastic Flooring in gold


2014, Flooring, in gold

2013, Flooring, in gold

2012, Flooring, in gold

2011, Flooring, in gold

2010, Flooring, in gold



Innovation award AIT

2010, DLW Linoleum, Lino Art

2009, DLW Linoleum, Uni Walton

2005, DLW Linoleum

2005, DLW Vinyl

2005, DLW LVT

Awarded fair stands

DLW Flooring's award-winning trade fair stands: BAU 2015, Munich; BAU 2013, Munich; Euroshop 2008, Düsseldorf; Domotex 2006, Hanover:

BAU 2015, Munich

Our slogan: “Unveiling sustainability"

The visitor was met by a colourful and shimmering traBAU 2015 - DLW Flooring trade fair stand de fair stand which attracted attention from some distance away. From close up, the mysterious shell turned out to be a permeable filter made from different linoleum samples and matching linoleum sketchbooks. The colourful books could be removed and taken away by the guests. Thus, the shell cleared piece by piece and day by day, revealing the exciting interior design. The design of the dynamic trade fair stand originated from the Stuttgart-based SOMAA. Architekten. It showed how unique room concepts can be realised with sustainable DLW floor coverings. The sustainability principle was rigorously implemented on the trade fair stand. The highlight of the 155 m2 trade fair stand was the revelation of our extraordinary natural product Naturecore. Naturecore is a real innovation which has enabled us to create a new product category called DLW Luxury Linoleum. The guests at BAU were surprised by the presentation of Naturecore! As with the heart of a tree, the trunk with its annual rings, different zones were created within the stand due to alternating lines and strips of different floor coverings: Naturecore and Uni Walton. In the consulting desks, there was space for the components of linoleum and Naturecore. Cork, limestone, wood, linseed oil and jute each have their own place and indirectly enrich the discussions.

BAU 2013, Munich

DLW Flooring provided a real eye-catcher at BAU 2013 with a brightly coloured trade fair stand. All the surfaces were covered with a complex, strictly geometrical pattern made from linoleum. The new collection Lino Art Linea effectively met the linoleum collection Colorette here – Festival of Colour.

The design originated from the Ippolito Fleitz Group from Stuttgart: a three-dimensional orchestra of colours and shapes. A polygonal set of steps for sitting on, which was completely fitted out with Scala designer tiles, served as a separate and quieter communication area. From here, visitors also had a view of the monitor which was showing a PowerPoint presentation about linoleum with colourful references.

With this spectacular trade fair stand, a space-encompassing collage of materials, we once again made it clear to customers, architects and planners that the sustainable DLW floor coverings are modern and trendy, but also stylish and elegant.

Euroshop 2008, Düsseldorf

The trade fair stand was designed by the Stuttgart-based architectural practice Ippolito Fleitz Group. It illustrated the diversity of the DLW product range very impressively.

The floor area was restrained and completely white. Above this, there was a real explosion of the product spectrum: Luxury Vinyl and Fibrebonded, as well as Linoleum and Vinyl. The excellent long-distance effect is achieved by fully exploiting the maximum height of six metres. The stand was open on three sides and served as a platform for communication. With its large, elliptical shape, this communication area formed another focal point as visitors approached, and appeared spacious and inviting at the same time. The bar was in the centre of the ellipsis, as a meeting and refreshment point.

Domotex 2006, Hannover

Riding the waves? The black box with a wave worked out of it has an astounding visual effect and conveys a colourful, abstract, bold message. Like a giant, three-dimensional puzzle piece, the structure fascinated visitors and tempted them to touch it involuntarily.

The strips of colour made from various DLW floor coverings contrasted the inside with the black outside. The visitor felt an urge to climb in and explore everything.

The trade fair stand was designed by the Stuttgart-based architectural practice schindlerarchitekten.