DLW Flooring at Bau 2017

Shape and colour – everything in motion

DLW Flooring once again presents an extraordinary booth at the BAU 2017. The fair stand concept created the Ippolito Fleitz Group used the slogan “Inside Out”, which dynamically plays on the themes of shape and colour, and of insights, outlooks, and perspectives. DLW Flooring uses the stand as a base from which to display cross-product flooring solutions in vibrant themed environments, from hygiene to safety and from acoustics to aesthetic aspects.

360° of DLW at Bau 2017

Visit our fair stand in 360 ° viewing position

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The refined booth offers the perfect stage for designers from the Ippolito Fleitz Group. Dispensing with a static silhouette, it is instead open on three sides with circular cut-outs, making it surprisingly changeable. This effect is secured by the large, movable elements. The dynamic allows the audience to constantly experience new views and perspectives - from the outside to the inside and vice versa. It is for this reason that the “Inside Out” slogan was selected.  

Healthy Construction

Under „Inside Out“ DLW Flooring understands a change of perspectives from our products to nature. This relocates the focus on the ecological and social responsibility as well as on the topic „healthy construction“. This is reflected in the products DLW Linoleum  and Naturecore

Mensch und Gesundheit

Under the theme „Human and health“ DLW Flooring summerized the most important aspects on   aesthetics, hygienie, Mix & Match, Safety and Acoustic.


Date: 18.01.2017
Category: DLW Inside Out
Author: DLW Markting