DLW Flooring in motion on Bau 2017

Themed worlds - cross-product flooring solutions

With the slogan “Inside Out” the concept of the BAU fair stand plays dynamically on the themes of shape and colour. In vibrant themed environments we presented cross-product flooring solutions which we want to present here in detail.

Film über DLW auf der Bau 2017

Visit our fair stand with attractive colour and theme worlds.

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Cross-product flooring solutions from DLW Flooring

The theme world „Safety“ consists of DLW Flooring with excellent anti-slip properties. All Scala 55 and Scala 100 floor coverings have a slip resistance of R10. Also Favorite R10 meets a special slip resistance within the Vinyl homogeneous flooring category. 


Conductive flooring are particularly suitable for medical areas where high-quality electronic devices must be protected. Royal, Pastel, Contour Conductive give security to people and machines. DLW Vinyl product overview

DLW Vinyl Product Overview


The colouring of a room influences the well-being of persons. This shows the theme world of “Comfort”. Hospitals and medical practices can even contribute to the healing success through the right colours. In this respect, the designers of DLW Flooring create all products in the offered colour variety. Environmentally friendly linoleum, hard- wearing vinyl, needle fleece with great acoustic properties and the ecologically exemplary Naturecore.

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In the “Acoustic world” you may find DLW Flooring with good sound insulation.   Marmorette Acoustic with cork backing can have an impact sound insulation of 14 dB. Vinyl Favorite Acoustic achieves 17dB and Marmorette and Colorette Acoustic Plus Linoleum even meets 18dB thanks to a special PU foam backing.


Hygiene is not only in hospitals an important topic, and therefore also relevant at the BAU fair stand. Favorite PUR+ with Sanitized® hygiene function offers an outstanding antimicrobial effect. It inhibits the growth of bacteria as well as germs. This protection stays even between cycles of cleaning and contributes to a long lasting effect on cleanness. DLW Linoleum is produced from predominantly renewable raw materials and is naturally antibacterial.


Date: 18.01.2017
Category: DLW Inside Out
Author: DLW Marketing