The manufacture of DLW linoleum

DLW linoleum "Made in Germany"

To date, products that are “Made in Germany” are in demand worldwide. Quality, hard work and inventiveness connect consumers around the world with German companies. High-quality products and services, excellent customer service and timely implementation are strengths that are highly regarded internationally.

The long-established company DLW is the only manufacturer to produce high-quality linoleum in Germany. The first linoleum factory was founded in Delmenhorst, in Northern Germany, 134 years ago. Since then, linoleum floor coverings of the highest technical quality have been produced in this location. DLW Flooring has also retained parts of the administration, sales and technical and customer service departments in Germany. With its commitment to tradition and quality, DLW will consistently continue to rely on “Made in Germany” in the future.

By selecting a manufacturer with production facilities at the heart of Europe, environmental pollution can be significantly reduced thanks to the short transport distances. By its very nature, linoleum is already an exemplary ecological product due to the fact that it is made up of organic and mineral raw materials.

For almost 130 years, German products have flaunted the label “Made in Germany”. In fact, the wording was intended to warn against cheap counterfeit products from Germany. Yet this plan was not a success – indeed quite the contrary.

Origin of “Made in Germany”

The “Made in Germany” wording that is now used as a seal of quality originated in the late 19th century. At that time, Great Britain was introducing a labelling obligation for imported goods in order to protect itself from supposedly inferior imitations. However, as the quality of the German products was good, and indeed often better than that of the British ones, the label subsequently became established as a kind of seal of quality.