The test of maturity

Yellowing – truly natural

Following roll compaction, the long, uncut sheets of linoleum are moved into curing chambers where they reach full maturity, just like a fine wine. Thanks to regulated heat treatment over two to four weeks, the linoleum attains its desired characteristics at this stage. The chambers are 18 metres high and house up to 20,000 metres of linoleum.

The natural raw materials in the linoleum, or more precisely the material characteristics of the drying oils, may lead to the development of a slight yellow colour, known as the drying room film. The phenomenon is most apparent with bright shades. The conspicuousness of the colour changes varies depending on the hue of the floor covering: blue and grey shift towards green and yellow. The drying room film is not at all noticeable on some yellowish red tones. However, this discolouration disappears again, as if by magic, as soon as the linoleum is exposed to natural light.

Only real with the unmistakeable drying room film – the slight yellow discolouration that disappears as if by magic in sunlight.


The drying room film disappears with exposure to light. The duration of this process is dependent on the light intensity. The midday sun in the open air takes around one hour to eliminate 80% of the discolouration, while the process can take around three hours if the sky is overcast yet not too dark at midday. On the other hand, in buildings that are comparatively dark, a couple of weeks may be necessary until the same effect is achieved. In order to make an objective colour choice, we recommend exposing the linoleum samples from the collections to daylight for a number of hours, or even better to sunshine.


Mature quality

Our classic linoleums have been produced in our manufacturing premises since 1926. The process involves carefully selected raw materials such as linseed oil, wood flour, limestone, jute and resin, and of course a great deal of experience! This is how we create incomparable quality.

A sample in advance

When selecting a linoleum floor, we recommend asking for a sample of the planned colour and structure and placing this in the sun for a few hours, so as to ensure that the colour after exposure to light corresponds to the result you require.

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