Andreas Krawczyk of NKBAK Architekten

talking about the European School Frankfurt

Architecture for you is…?

A social function.

What were the challenges of this project?

The main challenge was to construct a beautiful, top quality building within an extremely short time period of only 16 months for planning and completion.

When is a school successful architecturally? What is the first thing that you have to think about?

For us a school has succeeded architecturally if the users – the children, mostly – feel good about going to school and like going there. It is always the users that we think about first.

How do colours and designs affect students and teachers?

Colours and designs have a great effect on everyone. The most stunning colours and designs are to be found in nature. We feel, therefore, that is very important that a building fits very well into its natural surroundings.

Why did you decide to use this floor covering from DLW Flooring?

Because it combined all the above-mentioned features.

How important is the floor in your building plans?

In design terms the floor obviously covers a large area and is the most used area of a public building. We often try to make the floor as quiet as possible and as the design basis for the vertical building components. Of course it must also meet all functional requirements.

The best ideas come from....?

For us architecture is about ideas and is also about finding the most sensible solution to a problem. Most times this comes only after a very intensive work process, at the beginning of which the end is not yet predictable.

Nicole Kerstin Berganski and Andreas Krawzyk used to work for well noted and big architects offices, just like SANAA from Tokio. They have been responsible on european projevcts. 2007 they founded their own office in Frankfurt/Germany: NKBAK.

NKBAK Architekten