on the new Phlharmonic Hall in Szczecin

What is your favorite place in building?

It is difficult to choose, but I would say Foyer. Foyer of Philharmonic hall in Szczecin became third, white concert hall of the building. Direction of Philharmonic organize projections, concerts, expositions, coral concerts… there is always something different happening. This way almost all building is like an instrument and I like very much this idea.

Which challenge came with the project?

Every project is a challenge same how. Because each project is different. I think that makes our profession so exiting. In the project of Philharmonic hall in Szczecin we had several challenges, but I think the bigger one was to give to the city new public building which will be different, will be modern, but in the same time accepted by citizens of Szczecin as something that represent them.

Please name 3 characteristics for modern architecture in your point of view?

Simplicity, honesty of materials and reinterpretation of existence or surrounding elements.

Which significance has flooring while planning a building?

Flooring is crucial element in every project, is your guide in the building. It is the only material you are usually in contact in the public building. It can help create atmosphere, for example it can provoke that your steps sounds in space. Change of flooring can insinuate that this space has different use than the space before.

The best idea come while/at?

The problems is that you never know when it comes, usually late and you never have guaranty that this is the one. The important thing is to never get tired searching for them. I try to be critical with my work and verify decisions often.

Why did you choose DLW Flooring?

Were looking for good quality, resistant in use and nice design finishes flooring. DLW flooring reached all requirements and prove them during use of the building. It is very joyful material easy to work with. for reference Szczecin Philharmonic Hall.

The key is simplicity - since 2004 this is the motto of Barozzi/Veiga. Local conditions meet individual design, no draft is like the other. This approach lend to the Mies van der Rohe award.

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