Heidi Stoffel, ARGE 3i

on the Cantonal Hospital Muensterlingen

What do you personally associate with the project?

The challenge was, and still remains, to realise a project that lives up to our own standards and also satisfies the customer’s requirements in terms of the local construction environment, architecture and function, over a long period of time and in collaboration with all those involved.

How would you characterise the project, using 3 adjectives?

One of our main concerns was to understand and execute the project as “further construction”. In this sense, we would describe the extension as an architectural and functional addition that is in keeping with the local construction environment.

When do you consider a hospital to be an architectural success?

Construction of a hospital is successful if - despite the task, which is highly functional in nature - it succeeds in creating an appreciable quality of space for both patients and employees.

The special thing about a new-build project with a link to a historical building is...?

The hospital complex lies on the shores of the lake within an unspoiled rural environment and developed from a medieval monastery which gradually increased in size over the centuries. The relationship with the countryside and the existing building structure determined the shape and design of the extension and was interpreted by us as “respectful further construction”.

How important is the flooring in terms of building design?

When constructing hospitals, the floor covering is significantly more important than in other building assignments, due to the operational demands. On the one hand, this is because of the high requirements relating to aspects such as resistance to wear, while on the other hand it is also caused by the increased cleaning outlay for hygiene reasons.

Why did you choose DLW Vinyl from DLW Flooring in the gentle cream/blue tones?

Given comparable technical parameters from various manufacturers, our specific choice was motivated by the fact that there was a whole product range available in which the patterns and quality.

The ARGE 3i architects are specialised in finding coherent answers, no matter how challenging the location or the starting conditions. As a result, every project and every idea becomes an individual solution. ARGE 3i is a joint venture from Stoffel Schneider Architekten AG and Metron Architektur AG.

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