about the SUPERMARKET at Bikini Berlin

What do you personally associate with the project?

Having been involved right from the start is a huge privilege in such a concept. As an architect, you grow with the brand. I got to know an incredible number of fantastic people with whom I am still working today and with whom I will hopefully be able to complete many more successful projects.

When do you consider a shop to be an architectural success?

When the premises trigger a positive feeling in the visitor, so that he or she feels comfortable there and likes coming back again and again.

How ecological do building products need to be?

As planners and architects, we are in a position to focus on ecological building products in the realisation of the project and to take this into consideration when selecting the products. Thus, we take responsibility and contribute to the conservation of resources.

Looking to the future: how will shops develop, in your opinion?

The functions will continue to run into one another; the purchase transaction and the shopping experience are sure to be more intensely linked from a technical perspective.

All plans start with...?

... the idea.

How important is the flooring in terms of building design?

The floor covering can take a space in any direction. It has a decisive influence on the user's sense of space.

Why did you choose this floor covering from DLW Flooring?

We were looking for a floor covering made from natural and renewable raw materials which satisfies our design requirements at the same time – this is why we chose linoleum. Uni Walton in the shade "racing green" won us over immediately. The feel, the colour and the fast installation time – those were the decisive factors.

CONCEPT DISTRICT not only deals with architecture and interior design. The team also deals with visual communication – new paths are not ruled out here. Like the online showroom, designed to fit the size of the computer screen, where handmade and high-quality products find a platform.