Maximià Torruella & Patricio Martínes

on the Hospital Puyo

Please characterize the project with 3 adjectives.

Functional, innovative and integrative!

What is the most important characteristic of a contemporary hospital?

The most important feature of contemporary hospital is defined by the analysis of the real healthcare situation in each country. First of all we must know the needs and demands of those who manage health in every society. To design tailored hospitals to each client is not necessary to generate as many models as caseloads may appear. We need to be able to conceive a single model based on a combination of parametric rules that fits all.

What is the biggest challenge when designing a hospital?

The biggest challenge we have in every work we do is to find the right answer for each client within the socio-economic framework in which it is implanted.

How ecological and how healthy do products have to be?

Basic aspects such as separative water networks, the reuse of rainwater and waste separation among many other many times are already covered by the law and basic requirements of local engineerings. Hospital Puyo has been made with local materials, thus reducing transport and making it more sustainable with the environment. While it has disposed of all local labor of the city of Puyo.

Why did you choose DLW flooring?

DLW is a company that is committed to innovation and adds value to our buildings. There is a deep search for improvement of each production line and working with potential more sustainable products. Marketing is a 100% transparent with their product and with the information they give and also has all possible certifications in the market.

Progressivness goes along with sustainability - especially when building hospitals. The circumstances to be found in the place create a frame, but do not set up boarders when it comes to the various possibilities. Just by considering that, the very best sollutions come up.

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