Morten Chammon, TVEDE Rådgivende Ingeniører ApS

about Kindergarten Birkemosen

What is your favorite place in the building?

I don’t have any special favorite spot in the building. I like every corner of it. I like that every room has its own special features and quality.

Please characterize the project with 3 adjectives.

Welcoming, homely and scandinavian.

What do you look out first when stepping inside a kindergarten?

When entering the kindergarten you first enter the common wardrobe. The light wooden furniture and the grey Lino Art metallic with its little sparkles in. One of the little girls said to me when she saw it: The floor is filled with small baby diamonds.

How important is sustainability to you?

Sustainability is very important to me. I always try to choose sustainable materials for my projects. If not possible then at least products from companies that work with sustainable ideas and care about a green future.

What do you like most on the chosen flooring – do you enjoy working with the material?

I was drawn to the Scandinavian look and feeling in the new lines. Both the Naturecore Scandinavian pine, and the entire Scandinavian collection. Drawn to the new designs that finally took a big step away from the well-known Marmorette-look. I liked the idea of giving the kindergarten a homely atmosphere with the Naturecore wooden look. In the common areas the Lino Art metallic Linoleum gives a more rough feeling. I tried to use the flooring to underline the difference in use between the areas and rooms.

TVEDE architecture and engineering office in Hellerup, Denmark, was founded by Simon Tvede in 2003. In the years since then, the team has been responsible for over 1,000 renovation projects, and its other areas of focus are designing private villas and public buildings.



Date: 13.12.2016
Category: Architecture & People
Author: DLW Flooring Marketing