Scala PURe – coating technology of the next generation

05.09.2017 | Products

The new Scala PURe from DLW combines 3 product lines with perfect design combinations in one collection – made in Germany. It comes in a wide variety of authentic interpretations of wooden, stone and metal textures as Scala 100, Scala 55 and Scala 30.

DLW Flooring has developed with PURe a next-generation lacquer system. This system is impressive in terms of technology, with its superb scratch and stain-resistant properties, and its look and feel, with an ultra-matt, top quality surface effect.

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Do you know?

16.08.2017 | Products

Gropius and Mies van der Rohe were among the first to appreciate the material made from linseed oil, resin, wood and cork flour, limestone and jute. There is a lot to read about this natural flooring material on a roll.

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Strong Concept – The new DLW fibrebonded collection

26.05.2017 | Products

As a textile floor covering, DLW fibrebonded is ideally suited to flexible office designs and building structures with specific requirements. Incorporating 50 years of manufacturing knowledge and experience and better performing than ever before, thanks to even thicker needling and the hard-wearing Dorix brand fibres. 

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Cleaning costs down, extended lifetime: PURe - surface technology of the next generation

25.05.2017 | Products

The new Scala collection with PURe provides an incomparable high quality standard for LVT flooring:

  • The multi-cross-linked surface structure protecs against the penetration of dirt, chemicals or colouring substances
  • Small ultra-hard sapphire particles provide an excellent scratch resistance
  • The supermatt surface is giving the materials their authentic character

There is an innovation coming up for you – we are almost ready to go! Launch coming soon.

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DLW Vinyl with Sanitized® hygiene function

20.04.2017 | Products

Resilient flooring with integrated Sanitized® hygiene function have essential advantages: they prevent bacteria and germs from growing and therefore contribute to allover hygiene in hospitals. Our floor coverings of the Favorite PUR+ with Sanitized® series feature this very special property and are therefore suitable for hospitals at its best. Even between cycles of cleaning the Sanitized® hygiene function deploy their very special effect against microorganisms like MRSA, Enterococcus Feacalis, Escherichia Coli, Klebsiella Pneumoniae, Pseudomanas Aeruginosa as well as VRE. Proved by the ISEGA Institute 99.9 % of bacteria and germs are to be detained on growing, according to ISO 22196.

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Reference of the month: Harley Davidson

21.02.2017 | Reference

In the summer of 2016, within the old factory walls of a former industrial bakery that was founded in 1897, Thomas Heavy Metal Bikes GmbH launched Leipzig's newest Harley Davidson branch. The owner is a company from Radebeul that operates all three Harley Davidson branches in the Federal State of Saxony. Each branch is located in an industrial monument.

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DLW auf der Euroshop 2017

20.02.2017 | Fairs

On March 5, the DLW Atelier opens its doors. Let yourself be inspired by the impressive moodboards and get creative ideas that come with our collections. As a special highlight we offer a preview of our latest creation, which we developed especially for the retail sector: Scala PURe Materials. Come and discover in hall 10, stand F66 versatility, elegance and creativity.

Euroshop 2017


Naturecore scores "very good"

31.01.2017 | Products

DLW Naturecore has also convinced the strict auditors of the magazine ÖKO-TEST. For its natural composition, completely free from PVC and plasticizers, the sustainable floor coverings in edition 01/17 received the overall rating "very good". With this, Naturecore is better off than other elastic floor coverings already tested in edition 07/2014 with the Blue Angel.

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Reference of the month: Winter bathhouse

08.12.2016 | Reference

Klaus Lange Architects in Copenhagen have built a small but perfectly-formed bathhouse for a winter bathing association: on the edge of the Danish capital, with a panoramic view and direct access to the sea over a jetty. The bathhouse with sauna is visited by around 300 guests each day, while the association has around 2200 members. DLW Vinyl Favoriete R10 has been installed here.

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New: DLW LVT - Scala Looselay PUR

07.12.2016 | Products

With its natural-looking wood designs, characterful takes on stone, outstanding metals or colourful accents and textile variants, Scala Looselay is a trendsetter. The 16 diverse boards and tiles are self-laying and especially practical when solutions that are quick to install and adhesive-free are required. The range of formats within this collection simultaneously opens up numerous opportunities for creative flooring concepts. This floor covering can also be removed at any point without leaving residue. This makes it especially suitable for action areas in shop fittings. At the same time, it can be applied to double-floor constructions in offices, or used in hotels. Scala Looselay is entirely free of phthalates and can be used over and over again, making this floor covering especially environmentally friendly.

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DLW at the BAU 2017

30.11.2016 | Fairs

"Inside out": DLW will be playing with color and shape, insights, perspectives and outlooks at the BAU trade fair 2017. The booth has been designed by the well known architects of Ippolito Fleitz Group. Excited? So visit us at hall A5, booth 311 and discover the versatile world of hygiene, safety, accoustic, aesthetics as well as our new collections.

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Event 2017: Meet DLW at Architect@Work

29.11.2016 | Fairs

The success story of Architect@Work continues in 2017. And DLW will join the fairs again. We'll be present in Sweden, Belgum as well as Germany.

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Refernce of the month: Kindergarten Birkemosen

23.11.2016 | Reference

Børnehuset Birkemosen nursery school is situated approximately 20 km to the north of Copenhagen. Movement and play are prioritised in the establishment as a source of vitality, health and development. The aim is for the children to learn, interact and find their own role within the community. The freshly renovated nursery provides a suitable framework for this objective.

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Ultra-modern hospital in the rain forest

02.11.2016 | Reference

In Puyo, on the edge of the Amazon basin and surrounded by Ecuador's tropical rainforest, a state-of-the-art hospital has been built in the record time of just one year. The parametric design comes from the architects Patricio Martínez and Maximiá Torruella of Barcelona-based PMMT. The architectural concept can be adapted to the desired context quickly and flexibly, so that it is also suitable for emergency situations in which a new clinic quickly needs to be set up.

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DLW Vinyl: Improved surface coating PUR+

10.10.2016 | Products

PUR+ leads to further resistance to scratches and marks of daily purpose on DLW Vinyl floor coverings. Also resistance to chemicals, acidities and brines is far better than with comparable surface treatments. PUR+ is a so called permanent system offering further advantages: no consolidation treatment, cost-efficient cleaning as well as possibilities of renovation in case of occurring damages. All of this comes with allover perfect visual appearance.

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Once a monastery today a hospital

28.09.2016 | Reference

The old walls of the former Münsterlingen monastery in Switzerland have been put to new use. The site that was once home to Benedictine monks is now used to speed patients on the road to recovery. Today, the historic structures house Münsterlingen Cantonal Hospital with its extensions. These new extensions complement the old buildings in more than just a visual sense. In this way, a symbiosis of striking architecture and historical building structure has been created. The construction project was carried out by ARGE 3i, a joint venture between Stoffel Schneider Architekten AG and Metron Architektur AG.

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A ringing glass palace

31.08.2016 | Reference

The Polish city of Szczecin has a new landmark with the potential to become an architectural icon. The spectacular new Philharmonic Hall was honoured with the renowned Mies van der Rohe Award 2015 for its technical and spatial strategy. Spanish-Italian firm Barozzi Veiga from Barcelona were charged with the design, using DLW Fibrebonded.

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Green shopping in Berlin

27.07.2016 | Reference

Nice design, fashion, good food - the perfect combination for those who are looking for a relaying day shopping. All of this meets outstanding interieur at the SUPERMARKET Berlin, created by the architects Lejla Krstic and Marco Basarovski. 800 m² invite you to bide and grub or to enjoy a coffee at the bar. Shopping the different way.

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New: Colorette Sport

04.07.2016 | Products

The new Colorette Sport convinces with strong colours and with its subtly structured surface. Therefore it serves the demand for monochrome sports flooring but also covers the signs of use perfectly. This linoleum is produced with 4.0 mm thickness and fulfills the new low emissions values of an environmental friendly sports flooring.

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A colorful world for students

29.06.2016 | Reference

The gaudy colored European School in Frankfurt/Main Germany is a trendsetter - Inside and outside. The airy aluminium-glas facade opens up a colorful world for students to make learning even more enjoyable. The extendtion building has been designed and constructed by the Frankfurt based architects of NKBAK in extremely short time. Highlight are not only the colorful staircases in banana yellow, lime green and pink - created with DLW Linoleum Colorette - the trendy collection for schools and kindergartens.

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DLW Vinyl Homogeneous

29.04.2016 | Products

DLW Vinyl - technical allrounder in a new dress including various new functions. Linke the new coating PUR+ with improved chemical resistance. As well as Sanitized® Hygiene function, blocking the growth of gems and bacterias between the cycles of cleaning.

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Colorful mix of cultures and styles

01.03.2016 | Reference

Magdas Hotel in Vienna ist not a hotel like anyone else. As extraordinary as the interior are the residents: Travelers from all over the world are living next door to refugies. This take foot in the hotel and gastronomy business and learn everything that makes a guest happy - instructed by  experts with years of experience. Russian, Persian, Portugise, Spanish, French, English and Arabic - Magdas is international like no other hotel.