DLW Fooring: Engaged to the environment

DLW Flooring consequently pays attention to ecoefficiency of it's products: starting from raw materials to process of production as well as ecofriendly recycling. Our flooring is suitable for sustainable construction, proofed by well-known product- and environmental labels. Regular monitoring lead to first class quality.

  • Eco auditing according to DIN EN ISO 14001
  • all products fullfill highest economical and ethics standards
  • international product and building certificates

Sustainable production of DLW floor coverings

Every day thousand of square meters of floor coverings are leaving our German production sites. Installed in buildings all over the world and to be used for centuries.

  • Linoleum and Luxury Linoleum consist of natural raw materials and suitable for allergic persons.

  • Vinyl and Luxury Vinyl can be recycled after use. 

  • Fibrebonded consists of extremely hard wearing synthetic fiber. It is low on emissions, harmless to health and free of harmful substances.

All our floor coverings are extremely robust. And their ourstanding characteristics on cleaning contribute to saving costs and recources.

The "Blue Angel" is the oldest official ecolable worldwide and national standard. Therefor it is indispensible for many constructors and architects. All Linoleum and fibrebonded floor coverings by DLW are holding this certificate.

The Austrian ecolable UZ56 floor coverings grants ecofriendly products and services. Therefore consumers can be asure about production, usage and recycling. This certificate is granted for DLW Linoleum.

The Scandinavian Swan Label (Nordic Evolabeling) rates the all-over production process of goods. For this energy and water consumption, as well as emissions by the production process are counted. DLW Linoleum is granted with that certificate.

The Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) requests a general admission of resiliant flooring in relation to comply certain VOC-emissions, By that users will not be impaired by any noxious substances. This so called Ü-sign is granted to all our floor coverings.

The EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) also known as Environemental Declaration is a voluntarily label for products according to DIN EN ISO 14040. It describes the whole life cycle of construction products. As an active member of the European Resilient Flooring Manufacturers' Institure (ERFMI) we offer the EPD-calculator to our customers. It enablesto create an EPD within a few steps.

The GUT signet by the "Gemeinschaft umweltfreundlicher Teppichboden e. V." is granted to all textile floor coverings that asure ecofriendlyness to a maximum as well as all-over consumer protection within the life cycle. This certificate is to be granted for DLW Fibrebonded.