DLW Fibrebonded

DLW Fibrebonded. The functional textile floor.

About Fibrebonded

Proven for decades and known under the brand name Strong: DLW Fibrebonded is impressive because of its outstanding functionality. The textile floor covering made of needlepunched synthetic fibres is extremely robust, stain resistant and footfall-sound-absorbing - this textile flooring is particularly suitable for heavily used areas with accoustic requirements, such as offices, for example. The wide choice of colours of DLW Fibrebonded ranging from classical to modern makes it a genuine alternative even in designer terms


  • extremely robust and footfall-sound-absorbing
  • wide choice of attractive colours
  • available as a roll or tiles
  • anti-static and dissipative properties
  • DLW ‘Strong’ proven for 50 years
  • Blue Angel and GuT* environment certificates

*Gemeinschaft umweltfreundlicher Teppichboden = ‘Association for Environmentally Friendly Floor Coverings’

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