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DLW Vinyl. All-rounder, technically more versatile than ever before.

DLW Vinyl Flooring at a glance

Outstanding hygiene, high-performance surfaces, extended Mix & Match construction system, new structures and modern colors. This floor covering is extremely hard-wearing and is perfectly suitable for particularly heavily used areas like for e. g. in healthcare or industrial facilities or shops. This phthalate-free floor covering with its strong surface protection is easy and hygienic to clean. A large choice of beautiful colors and attractive designs give you a great scope for your own individual interior design.

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Why is DLW Vinyl so good?

  • Highest resistance to scratches with thanks to its coating PUR+
  • Reduced emissions leading to better climate in rooms
  • Extremely resistant to chemicals
  • Less growth on germs and bacteria due to Sanitized® hygiene function 
  • antistatic and conductive properties
  • Mix & Match: the functional construction system for every demand

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Surface PUR+

The surface PUR+ grants even higher performance of homogenous Vinyl flooring: Higher resistance to scratches as well as durability, lower emissions and improved resistance to chemicals and castor wheels.

You'll find further information in the flooring glossary.

Sanitized® hygiene function

Along with the Sanitized® hygiene function DLW Vinyl offers an outstanding  antimicrobial effect. It is granted to reduce the growth of bacteria as well as germs. This protection stays even between cycles of cleaning and contributes to a longlasting effect on cleanness.

You'll find further information in the flooring glossary.

Mix & Match

The clever toolbox Mix & Match enables integrated design concepts to all technical requirements. Conductivity, reduction of footfall sound as well as the Sanitized® hygiene function - all floor coverings are to be delivered in the same visual appearance, structure and design.

Long-term model life

To most common designs of Favorite, Medintone as well as Solid we provide a long-term model life until 2030 to ensure long-term planning, even with extenstion and renovation.

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