Flooring inspiration

The perfect flooring inspiration. Visitors find extraordinarily ambitious architectural masterpieces as well as small but highly refined building projects – all featuring flooring from DLW.

Architects briefly asked

First class projects, first class architects: We are asking, what is behind their projects and what is their personell feeling on it: What makes a project so very special? Which advantages came up and what does high class architecture mean to them ... we asked them:



TVEDE Architects & Engineers

Nordic trendsetter

TVEDE architecture and engineering office in Hellerup, Denmark, was founded by Simon Tvede in 2003. In the years since then, the team has been responsible for over 1,000 renovation projects, and its other areas of focus are designing private villas and public buildings.

TVEDE Architects & Engineers

What is your favorite place in the building?
I don’t have any special favorite spot in the building. I like every corner of it. I like that every room has its own special features and quality.

Please characterize the project with 3 adjectives.
Welcoming, homely and scandinavian.

What do you look out first when stepping inside a kindergarten?
When entering the kindergarten you first enter the common wardrobe. The light wooden furniture and the grey Lino Art metallic with its little sparkles in. One of the little girls said to me when she saw it: The floor is filled with small baby diamonds.

How important is sustainability to you?
Sustainability is very important to me. I always try to choose sustainable materials for my projects. If not possible then at least products from companies that work with sustainable ideas and care about a green future.



What do you like most on the chosen flooring – do you enjoy working with the material?
I was drawn to the Scandinavian look and feeling in the new lines. Both the Naturecore Scandinavian pine, and the entire Scandinavian collection. Drawn to the new designs that finally took a big step away from the well-known Marmorette-look. I liked the idea of giving the kindergarten a homely atmosphere with the Naturecore wooden look. In the common areas the Lino Art metallic Linoleum gives a more rough feeling. I tried to use the flooring to underline the difference in use between the areas and rooms.

to reference Kindergarten Birkemosen

PmMT Arqittectura

Forward thingking architecture

Progressivness goes along with sustainability - especially when building hospitals. The circumstances to be found in the place create a frame, but do not set up boarders when it comes to the various possibilities. Just by considering that, the very best sollutions come up.

PmMT Arqittectura

Please characterize the project with 3 adjectives.
Functional, innovative and integrativel.

What is the most important characteristic of a contemporary hospital?
The most important feature of contemporary hospital is defined by the analysis of the real healthcare situation in each country. First of all we must know the needs and demands of those who manage health in every society. To design tailored hospitals to each client is not necessary to generate as many models as caseloads may appear. We need to be able to conceive a single model based on a combination of parametric rules that fits all.

What is the biggest challenge when designing a hospital?
The biggest challenge we have in every work we do is to find the right answer for each client within the socio-economic framework in which it is implanted.



How ecological and how healthy do products have to be?
Basic aspects such as separative water networks, the reuse of rainwater and waste separation among many other many times are already covered by the law and basic requirements of local engineerings. Hospital Puyo has been made with local materials, thus reducing transport and making it more sustainable with the environment. While it has disposed of all local labor of the city of Puyo.

Why did you choose DLW flooring?
DLW is a company that is committed to innovation and adds value to our buildings. There is a deep search for improvement of each production line and working with potential more sustainable products. Marketing is a 100% transparent with their product and with the information they give and also has all possible certifications in the market. 

for reference Hospital Puyo


Individual is always different

The ARGE 3i architects are specialised in finding coherent answers, no matter how challenging the location or the starting conditions. As a result, every project and every idea becomes an individual solution. ARGE 3i is a joint venture from Stoffel Schneider Architekten AG and Metron Architektur AG.

ARGE 3i 

What do you personally associate with the project?
The challenge was, and still remains, to realise a project that lives up to our own standards and also satisfies the customer’s requirements in terms of the local construction environment, architecture and function, over a long period of time and in collaboration with all those involved.

How would you characterise the project, using 3 adjectives?
One of our main concerns was to understand and execute the project as “further construction”. In this sense, we would describe the extension as an architectural and functional addition that is in keeping with the local construction environment.

When do you consider a hospital to be an architectural success?
Construction of a hospital is successful if - despite the task, which is highly functional in nature - it succeeds in creating an appreciable quality of space for both patients and employees. 

The special thing about a new-build project with a link to a historical building is...?
The hospital complex lies on the shores of the lake within an unspoiled rural environment and developed from a medieval monastery which gradually increased in size over the centuries. The relationship with the countryside and the existing building structure determined the shape and design of the extension and was interpreted by us as “respectful further construction”.

How important is the flooring in terms of building design?

When constructing hospitals, the floor covering is significantly more important than in other building assignments, due to the operational demands. On the one hand, this is because of the high requirements relating to aspects such as resistance to wear, while on the other hand it is also caused by the increased cleaning outlay for hygiene reasons.

Why did you choose DLW Vinyl from DLW Flooring in the gentle cream/blue tones?
Given comparable technical parameters from various manufacturers, our specific choice was motivated by the fact that there was a whole product range available in which the patterns and

for reference Münsterlingen Cantonal Hospital

Barozzi / Veiga

Awardwinning integration

The key is simplicity - since 2004 this is the motto of Barozzi/Veiga. Local conditions meet individual design, no draft is like the other. This approach lend to the Mies van der Rohe award.

on Barozzi / Veiga

What is your favorite place in building?
It is difficult to choose, but I would say Foyer. Foyer of Philharmonic hall in Szczecin became third, white concert hall of the building. Direction of Philharmonic organize projections, concerts, expositions, coral concerts… there is always something different happening. This way almost all building is like an instrument and I like very much this idea.

Which challenge came with the project?
Every project is a challenge same how. Because each project is different. I think that makes our profession so exiting. In the project of Philharmonic hall in Szczecin we had several challenges, but I think the bigger one was to give to the city new public building which will be different, will be modern, but in the same time accepted by citizens of Szczecin as something that represent them.

Please name 3 characteristics for modern architecture in your point of view?
Simplicity, honesty of materials and reinterpretation of existence or surrounding elements.




The best idea come while/at?
The problems is that you never know when it comes, usually late and you never have guaranty that this is the one. The important thing is to never get tired searching for them. I try to be critical with my work and verify decisions often.

Which significance has flooring while planning a building?
Flooring is crucial element in every project, is your guide in the building. It is the only material you are usually in contact in the public building. It can help create atmosphere, for example it can provoke that your steps sounds in space. Change of flooring can insinuate that this space has different use than the space before.

Why did you choose DLW Flooring?
Were looking for good quality, resistant in use and nice design finishes flooring. DLW flooring reached all requirements and prove them during use of the building. It is very joyful material easy to work with. for reference Szczecin Philharmonic Hall


Outside the box

CONCEPT DISTRICT not only deals with architecture and interior design. The team also deals with visual communication – new paths are not ruled out here. Like the online showroom, designed to fit the size of the computer screen, where handmade and high-quality products find a platform.


What do you personally associate with the project?
Having been involved right from the start is a huge privilege in such a concept. As an architect, you grow with the brand. I got to know an incredible number of fantastic people with whom I am still working today and with whom I will hopefully be able to complete many more successful projects.

When do you consider a shop to be an architectural success?
When the premises trigger a positive feeling in the visitor, so that he or she feels comfortable there and likes coming back again and again.

Looking to the future: how will shops develop, in your opinion?
The functions will continue to run into one another; the purchase transaction and the shopping experience are sure to be more intensely linked from a technical perspective.

All plans start with...?
... the idea.

How ecological do building products need to be?

As planners and architects, we are in a position to focus on ecological building products in the realisation of the project and to take this into consideration when selecting the products. Thus, we take responsibility and contribute to the conservation of resources.

How important is the flooring in terms of building design?
The floor covering can take a space in any direction. It has a decisive influence on the user's sense of space.

Why did you choose this floor covering from DLW Flooring?
We were looking for a floor covering made from natural and renewable raw materials which satisfies our design requirements at the same time – this is why we chose linoleum. Uni Walton in the shade "racing green" won us over immediately. The feel, the colour and the fast installation time – those were the decisive factors.

For reference SUPERMARKET at Bikini Berlin

PmMT Arquitettura

Far Eatern inspiration

Nicole Kerstin Berganski and Andreas Krawzyk used to work for well noted and big architects offices, just like SANAA from Tokio. They have been responsible on european projevcts. 2007 they founded their own office in Frankfurt/Germany: NKBAK.

NKBAK Architects

 Architecture for you is…?
A social function.

What were the challenges of this project?
The main challenge was to construct a beautiful, top quality building within an extremely short time period of only 16 months for planning and completion.

When is a school successful architecturally? What is the first thing that you have to think about?

For us a school has succeeded architecturally if the users – the children, mostly – feel good about going to school and like going there. It is always the users that we think about first.

How do colours and designs affect students and teachers?

Colours and designs have a great effect on everyone. The most stunning colours and designs are to be found in nature. We feel, therefore, that is very important that a building fits very well into its natural surroundings.

Why did you decide to use this floor covering from DLW Flooring?

Because it combined all the above-mentioned features.

How important is the floor in your building plans?
In design terms the floor obviously covers a large area and is the most used area of a public building. We often try to make the floor as quiet as possible and as the design basis for the vertical building components. Of course it must also meet all functional requirements.

How ecological do products have to be?

When building for children in particular, it is essential that building products are perfectly safe ecologically. We therefore make every effort to build with the purest natural products that have no chemical additives.

The best ideas come from....?

For us architecture is about ideas and is also about finding the most sensible solution to a problem. Most times this comes only after a very intensive work process, at the beginning of which the end is not yet predictable.

for reference European School Frankfurt