Architekturbüro isin architekten Aalen / DE


The new premises of the Aachen architects’ office isin architekten are located in the middle of a residential quarter in a former photo studio from the seventies. Within only three months, the architects converted the platform-roof building with the trapezoidal-sheet-covered aluminium façade into a modern office: the rather closed existing building was supplemented with large-format, room-high window areas, the exposed-concrete walls were given a new coat of anthracite paint and a new entrance area was created on the southeast side of the building. Inside, the trapezoidal roof construction including the steel supports remained visible – it now contrasts appealingly with the white-painted surfaces. A few colour accents were strategically placed: the reception furniture in the entrance area in green high-gloss design as well as the red linoleum floor near the staircase and in the communal kitchen attract attention.

Uni Walton LPX 101-010
 pompeji red
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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Office
Country/City: Germany / Aalen
Client: Isin architekten Generalplaner, Aachen, D
Architect: Cemal Isin, isin architekten
Address: Stuttgarter Straße 70/1, Aalen, D
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