Basketball Olympiastadion Peking / CHN

The Wukesong Stadium is one of a total of eleven sports
facilities built for the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing. In the
rectangular building complex in the western city district of
Haidian, 18 kilometres from the Olympic Village, all the basketball
games took place. The building with a square ground
plan attracts attention already from the distance: the façade
made of long, gold-coloured, curved strips of perforated
sheet metal lessens the massive look of the stadium. Seven
bridges, one large and six small, take the visitors to the
entrances which clearly stand out from the façade as red
gates. Inside the stadium, which has a total surface area of
160,000 square metres, there is seating for 18,000 people,
some of them in the 45 boxes on the second level. The stadium
continues to have a function after the games as well:
the complex including the basketball court and the sports
facility is now available to the population of Beijing.

Marmorette PUR 125-056
 foggy blue
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 desert beige
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Product: Linoleum
Country/City: China / Peking
Client: Beijing Wukesong Cultural & Sports, Peking, CHN
Architect: Beijing Institute of Architectural Design, Peking, CHN
Address: West 4th Ring Rd Middle Road, Peking, CHN
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