DLW for every stage of life

90 % of daily life children and youngsters are spending indoors - at home, at school or kindergarten. Every age group has their individual requirements regarding floor coverings. In contrast are the funtional needs of the operator. Therefore we recommend DLW Linoleum due to it's colorful collections. Antibacterial by nature this floor is suitable for all areas, where children are playing on the ground or where to be highest demands on durability is recommended, for e. g. at the entrance or the hall ways. DLW Vinyl is the perfect choice for areas with special requirements like kitchen areas and sanitary rooms.

Features and requirements

Requirements by construction

Floor coverings for public and commercial buildings have to meet several requirements - starting from colorful kids worlds up to functional areas to study and research.

Floor coverings by DLW are surefooted and slip resistant. Therefore they reduce the danger of injuries everywhere, where hundreds of students are using them on a daily basis. We recommend floor coverings with slip resistance class R9 for entrance areas, hallways, recreation areas, syndicate rooms and stairways. Whereas for sanitary rooms, kitchens, engine and craft rooms we recommend slip resistance class R10. Therefore Linoleum as well as Vinyl floor coverings, which are functional and colorful at the same time suit best.

If footfall sound should be reduced, DLW Linoleum and DLW Vinyl contribute in a perfect way. Special acoustic versions are an even better choice: DLW Linoleum Marmorette Acoustic Plus and DLW Vinyl Favorite Acoustic reach up to 18 dB.

DLW Linoleum contains mostly from natural raw materials. At the end of it's lifetime it will be recycled. It holds the "Blaue Engel", the Austrian Ecological Label as well as the Scandinavian Swan Label.

Floor coverings for kindergartens, schools and universities

Gerflor DLW Linoleum

Long lasting, antibacterial, easy to maintain - the natural floor covering is available in many fancy colors and various structures. This floor covering offers the possibility to create bright gaming worlds for kindergartens or unusual educational concepts.

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