DLW Flooring: The very best for construction in healthcare

DLW flooring systems meet all requirements for the healthcare sector - the wide spectrum of colors and patterns create an attractive ambiance at the same time.

  • Highest standards on hygiene by easy maintenance
  • Insensitive on moisture, desinfectants and other chemicals
  • Slip-resistance (at least class R9, possible to extent on class R10)
  • Hardly inflammable according to DIN EN 13501-1
  • Ideal for sensitive areas like operations theatres and laboratories

Technology & Expertise

Technical requirements for flooring systems in Healthcare

Talking about floor coverings, the Healthcare sector demands more than any other application: Depending on the range of use, various strains have to be considered.

Further informations can be found in the flooring glossary 

Functional applications

The healthcare sector requires very special functional demands on floor coverings:

Flooring systems essentially lead to better footfall sound  and are optimizing room accoustics. DLW Linoleum is an elastic floor coverings suitable to minimize footfall sound. Special acoustic versions are even about to increase this requirement: DLW Linoleum Marmorette Acoustic Plus reaches reductions up to 18 dB.

Desinfectants, many visitors and heavy equipment - Floor coverings in the Healthcare sector have to stand a lot, though not loosing their good looking apperance. The LPX or PUR coating help to prevent floor coverings from these and all other strains.

Further informations can be found in the flooring glossary 

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To grant an optimal therapy floor coverings should contribute to optimized force reduction and be footh warm. By that ergonomic courses of movement can be easily reconstructed and patients will recover their security with the help of DLW floor coverings.

Constructional requirements

Several requirements by law are considerating constructional requirements that are necessary for the healthcare sector.

DLW Linoleum is suitable for jointless installation. By using cove former skirtings the floor covering can be rised up the wall. Furthermore our floorings offer the possibility of when laying. With all this germs and bacterias have less chances to grow.

Recommended product: DLW Linoleum

Our flooring fits perfectly into construction projects where universal accessibility is required.

Ongoing operation

While using floor covering in ongoing operation, it will be showen how good the choice has been.

Road debris, jodine, blood and urine - typical contamination in clinics, doctors offices and care homes. Coatings like LPX  and PUR Eco System lead to full resistance against these and further contaminations of daily buisness for all DLW floor coverings. Furthermore our floor covering is easy and efficient to maintain at low costs.

Security & Comfort

Our floor coverings are absolutely secur and resistant - on hospital germs and bacteria.

Our floor coverings offer no basis for bateria and mildew. Because of ist natural composition DLW Linoleum is antibacterial by nature. Likewise unconsiderable are DLW Vinyl flooring. 

Recommended product: DLW Linoleum, DLW Vinyl

Repairing & Restoration

DLW floor coverings are as easy to handle in the longterm usage as they are to be installed.

DLW floor coverings are sustainable. Several environmental certificates proof their suitability when it comes to sustainable construction.

Gerflor DLW Vinyl

To some selected, high frequented colors out of the DLW Linoleum Marmorette range we garanty a long lasting model life. This gives you even more security on long term planning.

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DLW floor coverings for concepts of Healing Architecture

Healing Architecture follows up the question, how projects for Healthcare have to be designed, to help patients recovering as soon as possible. Beside that, employees should feel comfortabel - physical and mental. Floor coverings by DLW afford a valuable contribution.

"It can be assumed, that factores like the quality of light, materials, colors and pices will contribute to avoid fear and stress."

Prof. Christine Nickl-Weller, TU Berlin/Germany, Department VI Architecture for Health, architects office Nickl & Partner Architekten AG, München/Germany


Functional beauty

The concept of Healing Architecture unites aesthetical and technical creterias: For e. g. advantages regarding antislip flooring, conductivity, antistatic and accoustic. Integrated floorings with different technical requirements and highly required aesthetics can be designed with our "Mix & Match" construction kit to realize standardized color concepts.

Selected DLW floor coverings for universal accessibility

Universal accessibility does not start by pushing a walking frame, but already with a pushchair: All humans should be able to use habitats regardless age, language or impairment - self-determined and independent. Universal accessiblity aims to create habitats to be used by everyone likewise.

"No person shall be disfavoured because of disability." Basic law for the Federal Republic of Germany, Article 3

Universal accessibility containes not only aspects of anti slip resistance and altitude difference, indications of light contrast as well as requirements on orientation and guiding systems. DLW floor coverings are suitable to meet all these requirements for public buildings.

Overview on our product ranges:

DLW Linoleum - Uni Walton
DLW Linoleum - Marmorette
DLW Linoleum - Colorette
DLW Linoleum - Lino Art Nature

DLW Linoleum

Long lasting, antibacterial, easy to maintain - this natural flooring is available in various structures and colors.

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