Modern offices created with DLW Flooring

Modern office architecture is dynamic and changeable in many respects. This calls for robust floors. In visual terms, the floors generally fade into the background in areas where the focus is on work. On the other hand, fresh colour concepts are particularly well suited to enlivening communication and communal areas. The perfect floor covering for today’s modern office also has to satisfy many technical properties. DLW Flooring offers a wide product range covering all of the requirements.


In modern designs, large-scale offices are common, yet these generally become a problem when focused work is required. For this reason, the theme of acoustics plays a key role. With DLW fibrebonded, you have the perfect floor covering for your office. With its high level of footfall sound insulation, it ensures pleasant room acoustics and enables those using the space to concentrate on their work.


Conductive floor coverings are also required in certain office and EDP rooms. Areas with particularly high safety requirements need conductive floor coverings to ensure that there is no possibility of electrostatic discharges. As a conductive textile floor covering, DLW fibrebonded is ideally suited to the modern office.

Flooring for modern offices

DLW Fibrebonded

Extremely robust, resistant to dirt, easy to clean and reducing footfall sound - this textile floor covering is especially suitable for single and open-plan offices.

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The nobel appearance of wood and stone materials - related to hightest robustness and easy cleaning. To set trendy acents and a cosy athmosphere in offices and meeting rooms.

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DLW Linoleum

Long lasting, antibacterial, easy to clean and robust - this natural floor covering is available in many fancy and muted colors. It perfectly fits for public areas with heavy usage.

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DLW Luxury Linoleum

Create a cosy athmosphere with DLW Luxury Linoleum. Harmonizing room scenes made by 18 wooden designs, perfectly suitable for cafeterias..

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DLW Vinyl

Versatile to apply and extremely hard-wearing. This floor covering is suitable for all functional areas like canteens.

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