Modern offices created with DLW Flooring

Pleasant and mordern offices animate and motivate. DLW floor coverings are especially suitable for commercial usage. Their appearance contributes creating modern offices with pleasure for all.

Functional & contemporary

Long lasting lifespand meets optimal cost-value ration - resiliant as well as textile floor coverings by DLW are suitable for modern offices. On a daily basis castor wheel chairs will treat them most, which they can resist without difficulty. By the same time our floor coverings contribute to pleasent accoustics in the room and reduce footfall sound - for more comfort of employees, especially in open-plan offices.

Flooring for modern offices

DLW Fibrebonded

Extremely robust, resistant to dirt, easy to clean and reducing footfall sound - this textile floor covering is especially suitable for single and open-plan offices.

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DLW Luxury Vinyl

The nobel appearance of wood and stone materials - related to hightest robustness and easy cleaning. To set trendy acents and a cosy athmosphere in offices and meeting rooms.

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DLW Linoleum

Long lasting, antibacterial, easy to clean and robust - this natural floor covering is available in many fancy and muted colors. It perfectly fits for public areas with heavy usage.

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DLW Luxury Linoleum

Create a cosy athmosphere with DLW Luxury Linoleum. Harmonizing room scenes made by 18 wooden designs, perfectly suitable for cafeterias..

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Versatile to apply and extremely hard-wearing. This floor covering is suitable for all functional areas like canteens.

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