DLW Flooring for retail: Accents to creative concepts

Retail combines aesthetics and atmosphere, but also is a trendsetter like almost no other segment. By such, consumer societies are being created, combining extreme hard wearing, functionality and economical usage.

Rooms with special charisma

High class floor coverings combine style and design for creating individual room scenes. No matter weather these designs are out of our large collections or customer specific creations. All our floor coverings contribute to harmonized atmospheres in the room. The variousity of structures supports the process of chosing as well as the installation of artful flooring concepts and also inlays.

Design meets economy

True by the original replicas of real materials play their special strength: far more insensitive, long lasting and therefore more economical. Also when it coms to installing DLW floor coverings: Floors with click-joints  are fast to be installed, saving time and protecting the subfloor at the same time. This is a special advantage while dismantling.

DLW Flooring for retail

Gerflor DLW Linoleum

Long lasting, antibacterial and easy to clean - this natural floor covering is available in many fancy as well as muted colors, enables realizing creative retail concepts.

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Gerflor DLW Luxury Linoleum

Available in 18 wooden designs our Luxury Linoleum collection Naturecore enables to set comfortable accents in shops.

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Gerflor DLW LVT

The nobel look of wood and stone - related to highest robustness and easy cleaning. To set trendy acents and a cosy feeling. Some collections offer click-joints to enable even faster installation, although with ongoing business.

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Gerflor DLW Vinyl

Versatile applicable and extremely hard-wearing. This floor covering suits to all funktional areas, like restaurants.

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