DLW Linoleum for sports- and multi-purpose halls

Points of impact, springing, slip resistance, sliding and light reflection. Stating at gymnastic rooms in kindergartens up to multi-purpose halls for competetive athleths - Floor coverings out of our DLW Sports collections are ideal for all of that.


Individual floor coverings for sports - for highest performance

The more specific the requirements are, the better they have to be analysed showing the specific needs for sports floors. Therefore multi-purpose halls, where also cultural events take place have different requirements than gyms. Our 4 mm sports Linoleum turnes itself into this and many other requirements.



Linoleum for sports halls

DLW sports Linoleum is already beeing used in tausends of sports halls. This natural floor covering wins by ist supporting qualities: slip resistant, less light reflection, shock proof and inflammates injuries. Talking about design, this floor covering is also stylish and modern. More Information on DLW Sports.